School of Education Doctoral Mentorship Pathway Application

Thank you for applying to the CU Boulder School of Education’s Doctoral Mentorship Pathway program! This eight month relationship-oriented program is meant to recruit, support, and develop scholars of color, first-generation scholars, and scholars with historically underrepresented backgrounds or identities who are considering applying to a PhD program for Fall 2021. If you are selected as a Doctoral Pathways Scholar, you will be matched with both a faculty and current student mentor. Throughout the fall and spring you will have the opportunity to participate in virtual events meant to help you navigate the doctoral application process and life at a predominantly white institution (PWI) and in Boulder, CO. You will also be offered 1/1 sessions with your mentors to ask questions, receive application assistance, and begin to foster a relationship within the CU Boulder School of Education. We hope that this program will allow us to de-mystify the PhD application process together and get to know you as a person and a scholar. For more information about the event, please visit:
We're sorry but we are no longer accepting applications to the Doctoral Mentorship Pathway program.